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Z Series Direct Current Motor


General Brief

Z series medium size DC motors are newly products of the works developed with latest technology of design and manufacturing. There are six shaft heights for motor frames ranging from 315-560 mm.

The performance, outline dimensions and technical specifications of the motors conform to the standard of our country (GB) and International Electric Committee (IEC), while the mechanic dimensions tolerance of the motors conform to the standard of International Standard Organization (ISO).


Working conditions:

1. It is allowed to install this series motors in the environment with worse working conditions.

However, proper cooling and protection type should be chosen to keep the cleanness of the motors.

2. The cooling air should not contain acid or alkali material, which is harmful to the insulation and commutating performance of the motors.

3. In case the motors will be applied to marines, tropical and humid areas, or the areas with salt and humid air, please notify before signing contracts.

4. The motors can reach its rated power under the working condition of less than 1 OOOM sea level height and 40℃ ambient temperature.

5. The power source for the motors can be provided by static rectified source or DC generator.

6.  In case the motor is powered by static rectified source, the number of pulse wave should not be less than 6, the peak ripple wave factor not be over 10under the rated speed, voltage and load current.

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